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Top 10 Cars for Flood-Prone Climates

Floods are an unfortunate part of life for many regions in the U.S.—a devastation, like heavy rains and storms, that comes from Mother Nature's wrath. But beyond the toll these excess waters take on lives and homes is the impact on cars.
David Goldberg
Auto Blogger

The Most Coveted Exotic Cars in 2022

In just a few short years, the best exotic cars in 2022 will be some of the most coveted vehicles on the planet. Enthusiasts and collectors are already speculating about which models will reign supreme, but there are still no definitive answers. What is for sure is that these automobiles are destined to be some of the most exciting, technologically advanced, and luxurious vehicles ever made.
Regina Minton
Auto Blogger

The Best Trucks of 2022: How to Pick the Perfect Truck for Your Needs

Making the decision on which new truck to buy can be tough. Do you need a workhorse that can handle anything or something more comfortable for cruising around town? Is fuel efficiency important to you, or are you looking to go off-road for some adventure? No matter your needs and wants, this guide will help point you in the right direction when choosing your next pickup.
Regina Minton
Auto Blogger
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