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Auction Tips

Selling a Car at Auction: Full Guide and Tips

The days have long passed when the only way to get a car sold was to trade it in or stick a “For Sale” sign on the window and hope for the best. Technology has opened many doors for those of us selling cars, trucks, or SUVs.  One approach more and more car owners are taking is to sell through auctions. There's less hassle than dealing with individual buyers, and the auction house takes care of the administrative details and paperwork. Let's explore what's involved with auctioning a car; more is required than just dropping off your ride and hoping it sells
Regina Minton
Auto Blogger

What is a Car Auction and How Does it Work?

Everyone wants to get a good deal on a new vehicle, even when not buying from a car dealership. One approach is through an auction. But the average person will ask, “How do car auctions work?” It’s a legitimate question that’s easy to answer. There’s more to auctions than making a maximum bid. Read on as we explain how car auctions work, offering simple advice for first timers and those not familiar with the auction process.
Regina Minton
Auto Blogger

How to Save Money at a Car Auction

The appeal of car auctions is both multifaceted and totally relatable. For some potential buyers, the primary appeal is the chance to access vehicles that would otherwise be out of financial reach. For others, it’s the opportunity to experience the excitement of venturing into automotive territory that relatively few people ever encounter. And for yet others, it’s a combination of both.
Jon Lee
Auto Blogger
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