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Eldridge - IA июня 7, 17:00 после полудня 155 Лоты
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Des Moines - IA июня 9, 17:00 после полудня 86 Лоты
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Des Moines - IA июня 16, 17:00 после полудня 1 Лоты
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Eldridge - IA июня 21, 17:00 после полудня 1 Лоты
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Des Moines - IA июня 23, 17:00 после полудня 1 Лоты
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Davenport Des Moines

How to Bid on Cars at A Better Bid Auction

Experience the excitement of our online automobile auction by placing bids in real-time during virtual live auctions, placing pre-auction preliminary bids, or instantly purchasing our "Buy It Now" cars.
Живые торги
Живые торги
Experience the rush of live auctions! Live bidding allows members to place bids live during an in-progress auction against other bidders to become the high bidder and win. Live online auctions run daily in real-time at A Better Bid auction.
Preliminary Bid
Preliminary Bid
Preliminary bidding, a.k.a pre-bidding, is a useful bidding method for bidders who don't have time to participate live. You can pre-bid by placing incremental value bids on cars before live auctions start, which will be represented during the live auction.
Купить сейчас
Купить сейчас
Skip the auction and instantly win a vehicle without it ever going into the live auction with our "Buy It Now" option. You will find many "Buy It Now" cars for sale at ABB for set prices, which can be yours in minutes.
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A Better Bid® is an online car auction with more than 100,000+ vehicles on sale every day. Find and bid on clean title and salvage title cars, pickup trucks, electric cars, luxury cars, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles and boats — all without the need for a dealer license. A Better Bid® is a registered Copart Auto Auction broker. That means you have access to the largest car auction inventory in USA, including used, repairable, theft recovery, fleet & lease, repo, flood and hail damaged cars.
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Luci Garcia, Tampa United States
Hands down the best marketplace for salvage cars I’ve used so far. This site is easy to use, the bidding process is incredibly simple and it's so exciting to be a part of a live auction, there’s nothing quite like it. I’ve now bought 4 cars with you and I’m really satisfied with everything, especially the customer service, they’re so easy to work with and answered all my questions.
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