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Abetter.bid LLC (ABB) and its affiliates, parent companies and subsidiaries will provide content and services via the Internet, which will be subject to the following terms of service. Terms of service may by updated periodically without prior notice. Purchasers are also bound by all posted guidelines and rules including Buyer Terms and Conditions. All previous items shall be known us the Terms of Service.



Upon registration, all members will be give a unique username and password that will allow the member to access the site and its services. It is the full responsibility of the member to keep that information private and personal. In the event that there is a breach of security, the member agrees to immediately contact ABB. Members also acknowledge that they shall exit and fully sign out of each session when they have completed using the site. It is understood by all parties that ABB is not responsible for any damages or losses as a result of a member not complying with the rules of this section.



ABB has the complete right to make any changes it sees fit to this site and these services without consent or prior knowledge. ABB can change, delete, suspend or add to the site in part or in whole at its discretion. ABB is not responsible to any third parties or members due to any changes made or discontinuation of service.



All parties agree that ABB, at its own discretion, may revoke the use of your password and account in part or in whole. ABB may also terminate services at any time for any reason. If ABB believes you are in direct violation of the Terms of Service, ABB can deactivate your account and delete your information from its system including files and bar you from further access to the site. You also agree that ABB is not liable to the members or third parties if you are refused service to our services.



All parties agree that services provided and all software used to provide service contains confidential information that is protected by intellectual property laws. All software and services are protected by patents and trademarks issued by the United States government. Unless authorized by ABB, it will be unlawful to change, lease, rent, loan, distribute, sell or copy work or create work based off of these services or the software in part or in whole for any reason whatsoever.



All parties agree that:

A. Members use this site at their own risk. Services are provided as available and as is. ABB does not guarantee or issue any warranties that claim the sites usability, functionality or purpose. ABB does not express or imply any warranties are true or available.

B. ABB does not promise or make any guarantees that the service will meet your expectations, will be free of errors, secure or fast, will produce results that you desire, will be reliable or safe, errors in service will be corrected or you will be satisfied with the products or services purchased through our site.

C. All services or materials downloaded from the site are to be done at the risk of the member and any damages or loss of information or damages done to your computer are not the responsibility of ABB.

D. Any information or advice you obtain from ABB written or oral or as a result of our service shall never constitute as a warranty not stated in the Terms of Service.

E. Internet providers and ABB are not liable or responsible for any human error or mistakes in transactions, technical problems, loss of data or disconnection from service, any disruptions or interruptions or any faulty equipment or unavailability of the site.



Reliability of services on this site are done a member’s own risk. Members understand there may be delays in service, omissions, inaccuracies, problems with information and services with this site.

All members understand that ABB is not liable for any indirect or direct damages either incidental, consequential or exemplary in regards to loss of data, business or profits (even in the event that ABB warned you of the possibility of losses) as a direct result of the ability or inability to use the service, any costs accrued from using the service or transmitting any information through the service, accessing the sight in an unauthorized manner or any manner directly relating to the service.



The laws of the State of Delaware shall govern the relationship between members, ABB and the Terms of Service. Any conflicting laws do not apply. All parties agree to be under the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Delaware in New Castle County and the courts of the United States for Delaware.  If ABB is fails to enforce any of the provisions in the Terms of Service that does not make the provision void. If any part of the Terms of Service are deemed void by a court of law the court and both parties agree to find an alternative solution that will meet the same end. All other provisions in the Terms of Service shall remain valid. Members have one year to file a claim against the Terms of Service. After one year the action is barred.