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From a business point of view its an outstanding system. I have actually recommended for a family member that has a mechanic shop as a new business opportunity that he should explore.
FERNANDO RIVERA, Pensacola, United States of America
October 25, 2013
Yes I´m fully satisfied with the service; I always found an answer to my question in you´re costumer support service. Also I bought an exelent car that doesn´t have any trouble, the car was exactly how description showed.
JORGE PEREZ , San Jose, Costa Rica
January 14, 2014
awesome service
February 18, 2014
Thank you. I wanted to buy the car but the price got way too high. There is no other car at Copart that I am interested in. Please make a full refund back to my PayPal account.
JIM YOKOYAMA, Lake Arrowhead, United States of America
March 26, 2014
Pretty responsive, but I had some tough questions that couldn't be answered straight. Overall happy w/ service.
LUCAS TANG, San Diego, United States of America
April 4, 2014
It was easy to activate and I saw many cars available at affordable price; but yesterday, my cousin sold me her car with a great price. Thank you.
RISER PRODUCTS, Houston, United States of America
June 18, 2014

Great customer service, big selection of cheap cars! I purchased Toyota Highlander through this company. They have an excellent staff and showed a great deal of professionalism when helping me to buy and deliver the car. It needed some repairs but now it's in great condition and I'm so happy to own this car.

BRIAN RICHARDS, United States of America
October 2, 2014

I used this broker to buy a car cause it doesn't require a dealer license to get vehicles from Copart. The auction and bidding process seemed a little complicated to me at first but in reality it turned up to be very simple, especially after receiving the assistance from their support service.

JEF THOMPS, United States of America
November 20, 2014
Very polite employees,quick respond to any questions.Fabulous company in general
KRASIMIR ENCHEV ENEV, Myrtle Beach, United States of America
January 21, 2015
the process was great ... taking a break from this side business to focus on other interests. When i decide to restart buying cars again i will look to rejoin your company.
Carlos Alberto Ortiz, Lehigh Acres, United States of America
April 6, 2015
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