A Better Bid® Car Auctions
A Better Bid® Car Auctions

FAQs about Vehicle Information

All the information we have available to share is displayed in the vehicle listing. As a registered member of A Better Bid™, you can... Read more

As a registered member of A Better Bid™, you can visit any Copart yard in the U.S. during regular business hours and even take guests with you. Be sure to have... Read more

Run & Drive is part of Copart’s verification process. If the vehicle is Run & Drive-verified, Copart has confirmed firsthand that, upon... Read more

Simply stated, vehicles listed as Enhanced Vehicles are those that may have been enhanced to maximize the value; Copart has merely been... Read more

This is another verification term used to guarantee that at the time the vehicle arrived at Copart’s facility, it started and ran at idle. Much like Run... Read more

It is a guarantee from the seller that the purchaser of the vehicle will be completely satisfied. The member is able to, at any time while still... Read more

NOT ACTUAL is just that: The reading is not accurate or could not be ascertained. This may be due to a variety of reasons — the... Read more

Off-site Sale lots are not located at a Copart facility. Rather, an Off-site Sale is part of the virtual bidding process (or VB3), with the preview... Read more

No. This information is only available to the seller and the high bidder who winds up winning the auction. A Better Bid™ does not retain records of what prices vehicles have sold for in auctions. 

Not necessarily! In fact, A Better Bid™ lists many vehicles that have clean titles, and you are able to bid on... Read more