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A Better Bid® Car Auctions

FAQs about Security Deposit

Before you can bid and buy vehicles with A Better Bid™, you must have a minimum of $400 in deposit on file with us. This amount will let... Read more

The security deposit should consist of at least 10% of the total amount you would like to bid. At the time of registering, you are only... Read more

Your deposit simply remains in your account for any future bids you wish to submit... Read more

Security deposits are 100% fully refundable but do not factor into the cost of the vehicle, fee or shipping either in part or in full! A Better... Read more

If at any time you wish to get either a partial or full refund of your security deposit, you can do so by logging in to your account and... Read more

No. Deposits are 100% fully refundable but the security deposit does not factor into the cost of the vehicle, fee... Read more

You must pay the security deposit using either a debit or credit card or wire transfer. With the bank wire transfer option, we must wait until your payment clears before we can apply it to your account.

You can easily do this at any time by going to your account page and selecting “Bidding Limit.” At the time of registering, you are only... Read more

If you received an email message that A Better Bid™ has processed your refund, then rest assured that we did. Generally, A Better... Read more