A Better Bid® Car Auctions
A Better Bid® Car Auctions

FAQs about Glossary of Terms


Estimated retail value. This is the estimate of the vehicle the seller submitted to Copart. If the vehicle is damaged, it is the estimate before the damage occurred.

The shape and model of a particular make of a vehicle, as the manufacturer designates.


  BID4U is Copart’s automated system that makes the bidding process easier and more efficient. BID4U represents the highest preliminary bidder during the virtual... Read more


As it relates to listings on A Better Bid™, color is a general descriptor of the vehicle’s exterior color, not the manufacturer’s designated color name.

A bid made by the seller to counteroffer the high bidder’s offer. The seller always has until 5 p.m. of the business day after the sale to accept members’ high bids. Members... Read more

An auction house specializing in the sale of salvage cars. Any vehicles listed as CrashedToys come with additional photos and lot notes, as well as a different fee structure.

The highest price for the auctioned vehicle at a given time, but one that a bidder represented by BID4U may beat. Note that the currency of the current bid will always match that of the country of the auction.

Those with a busy schedule can take advantage of Copart’s unique preliminary bidding system, which allows you to place your maximum bid on... Read more

A bid that you place during the virtual auction as opposed to prior to it, or “Preliminary Bidding.”

Comments directly from the Copart general manager pertaining to the listed sale. Highlights include important information or notices, and bidders should always read them.