A Better Bid® Car Auctions
A Better Bid® Car Auctions

What does BID4U mean?

BID4U is Copart’s automated system that makes the bidding process easier and more efficient. BID4U represents the highest preliminary bidder during the virtual auction. Simply enter the maximum price you are willing to pay for the lot during preliminary bidding, and BID4U will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid during the virtual auction. BID4U will only bid one increment over the current bid to maintain your position as the highest bidder. This allows you to purchase a vehicle below your maximum bid if bidding doesn’t meet or exceed your maximum bid! If the Bid Increment option is selected, BID4U will only bid one additional increment over your maximum bid to break a tie. If a bidder with a higher maximum outbids you, you will be notified via email and then you will have the opportunity to rebid, if you choose to. 

As a security precaution, no one, including Copart Auction associates, can see your maximum bid. It is 100% confidential!

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