A Better Bid® Car Auctions
A Better Bid® Car Auctions

FAQs about Bidding Process

Those with a busy schedule can take advantage of Copart’s unique preliminary bidding system, which allows you to place your maximum bid on the vehicle(s) you’re... Read more

Virtual bidding is part of a live auction that takes place online. Copart’s VB3 (virtual bidding) allows our members to participate in live auctions throughout... Read more

BID4U is Copart’s automated system that makes the bidding process easier and more efficient. BID4U represents the highest preliminary bidder during the virtual... Read more

Different sales statuses indicate the current status of the online auction. They include: Pure Sale – The... Read more

If a seller lists a vehicle with either of these descriptors, it is not yet up for online auction and/or the seller will soon determine an auction date. If... Read more

This happens when you bid on a vehicle that’s above the limit based on the security deposit you made. For example, if you only made a $400... Read more

If your bid was a preliminary bid (placed before the auction) and someone enters a maximum... Read more

The Bid Increment option Copart’s BID4U system offers helps you avoid a tie situation, in which you might lose to another bidder even if you bid... Read more

Vehicles that don’t sell during the Virtual Auction automatically enter a phase of second-chance bidding — while Coparts also adds the vehicle to what is... Read more

This means an insurance or financing company listed the vehicle, and they are still trying to get all the paperwork together. These are sealed sales, and if you place the highest bid... Read more